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Avventurarsi in un dungeon per trovare il tesoro richiede, coraggio, impegno... e cibo! Se non mangi non puoi diventare forte, e se non diventi forte non mangi.

DATA 2019
ISBN 9788832759358
NOME DEL FILE Dungeon food. Vol. 7.pdf
AUTORE Ryoko Kui
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Dungeon Tactics is a gameplay focused mod. Adding new types of melee weapons, new ranged weapons, and new tiers of armour and tools. Aswell as craftable traps to help you defend your base. Along with Towers and randomly generated Dungeons. All that and some other fun things.

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Dungeons are always connected to a cavern or other structure, although it's possible for the dungeon itself to overwrite most of a tiny cave. It is possible, though rare, to find connected dungeons with multiple spawners and extra chests. It is also possible for a dungeon to generate over another, replacing the chests and spawner of the first.